Who is Value Lock Sports?  What do we do?

Value Lock Sports is a team of research analysts who have over 50 years of combined experience in the sports betting industry.  We use Market knowledge, Research, Statistics, Data analysis and numerous other tools to find VALUE on each specific game.  Through our system, we track public betting percentages and line movements to find our VIP clients the biggest edge possible. To top it off, VLS uses an algorithm, which simulates every game 10,000 times and ultimately factors into our WINNING model.  Our system has proven to consistently return profits year after year!  We bet on numbers, not teams!

How many plays do you release on a given day?

Depending on the day, we typically release anywhere between 2-20 plays.  There is no exact amount.  You can expect more plays to be released on Saturday's and Sunday's during football and basketball season depending on what the VLS system calls for.  We ONLY release plays that we find true value using our model.

What Sports do you provide services for?


When and how are the picks released?

We typically release our plays 30-60 minutes before the game begins.  All picks can be accessed on the VIP ACCESS page.  We will also provide the option for you to receive the picks via email or SMS in the coming weeks ahead.  Please make sure to sign up using the email you want the picks to be sent to.   Until we provide the picks via email or SMS, please check the VIP ACCESS page for new plays.

Are all plays the same unit count?

No.  Our plays are rated on a 1-5 Unit Scale.  1 Unit being the lowest, and 5 Units being our MAX play.  Each play will have a unit count attached to it.  It is IMPERATIVE that you follow the system and unit count in order to consistently return profits.  We recommend 1 Unit equaling 1-2% of your bankroll. 

What subscriptions do you offer?

Our VLS Ultimate VIP Package offers every play from every sport starting with a 3 day subscription all the way to a full year.  For each Individual Sport Package, we offer a 1 week, 1 month, and full season subscription.

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